I am Michelle Tara Cumming - Welcome to my website! I hope you have a good poke around!

I grew up in a small town (more like a tiny if-you-blink-you-will-miss-it kind of a place) in New Zealand, and now have been living in big city Melbourne for the past two years - Where the entire population of New Zealand would fit!

Asides from the obvious photography, dance and gymnastics are also a big part of my life. I still do competitive cheerleading to this day, and have 4 x National Championship titles under my belt between Australia and New Zealand. Nothing gives me more joy than merging my passion for dance and photography together.

Don't forget to check out my blog for the in's and out's of my daily photographic life (it's on the tab to the left!)

Available for assignments nationally and internationally.

Contact me on +61 (0) 477 116 033 / hello@michelletaraphotography.com
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